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We carry out demanding electricity investments

We offer support throughout the investment process – from tender to final acceptance.

ElbudBis is an engineering company that specialises in servicing the power sector.

We have been operating since 2013, and our team consists of experienced engineers focused on the construction and power industry. The company’s registered office is in Warsaw, and we have the technical facilities in Zgierz, close to the Stryków motorway junction.

We provide legal, design, construction and assembly, and consulting services. Our offer is comprehensive, and we implement projects in the ‘turnkey’ formula. In our operations, we use the latest technical solutions, modern equipment and high-class apparatus. We offer full competence, knowledge of the market and its specific requirements. We follow the standards and regulations that are in force in the power industry – we are up to date with any changes, we operate in accordance with the current regulations. We provide professional realisation at every stage of project implementation.

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What we do

ElbudBis is a company that provides comprehensive services. By entrusting us with a project, you can be sure that we will take care of it at every stage – from formal and legal arrangements, through design works, and then works relating to the construction or modernisation of the power infrastructure.

Formal and legal services

By entrusting us with formal and legal matters, you can be sure that we will handle them reliably, meeting the objectives set. What we do

  • we handle formal and legal matters;
  • we obtain the right to dispose of the real properties;
  • we establish a transmission easement;
  • we conduct administrative and court proceedings;
  • we prepare, negotiate and give opinions on contracts;
  • we provide ongoing legal advice.

Design services

At ElbudBis, we design power stations and lines as well as cubature facilities. We offer:

  • designs of overhead and indoor power stations of all voltages, along with technological buildings and a complete set of systems;
  • comprehensive project documentation (including feasibility studies) in terms of medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV) and extraordinary voltage (EV) lines;
  • technical protection system projects;
  • consultancy in terms of project implementation costs;
  • giving opinions on project documentation for domestic and foreign clients;
  • design supervision and technical consulting.

Power engineering contracting

Electricity contracting is one of the main areas of our activity. By entrusting us with construction or modernisation, you can be sure that the execution will be done by specialists in this field, who will create custom solutions meeting your needs. Construction and assembly services that we offer include:

  • construction or modernisation of MV, HV and EV overhead cable lines;
  • construction or modernisation of overhead and indoor power stations with a voltage of 400, 220, 110, 110 and 15 kV;
  • construction of solar farms;
  • construction of wind farms.

Technical and consulting services

Our offer includes also work in the field of investment consulting. We deal with:

  • preparing technical assumptions, design criteria, risk analysis (including environmental) relating to the implementation of the investment;
  • preparing and updating investor cost estimates;
  • carrying out preparatory works for investments;
  • activities towards local government and administrative authorities – obtaining opinions, approvals and permits;
  • selecting contractors and suppliers;
  • supervising over the implementation of the investment, its acceptance and settlement – we act as the Contract Engineer.

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GPZ Węgrów

GPZ Węgrów

Linia napowietrzna 2x400+220 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń

Linia napowietrzna 2x400+220 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń

Linia napowietrzna 2x400+220 kV Gdańsk Przyjaźń

GPO Jasna

RS Bierzwnik

RS Bierzwnik

FW Budzyń

FW Budzyń