Elbudbis Sp. z o.o. is a consulting company providing comprehensive service for the electricity sector. We are a team of professionals who have carried out some of the largest industry investment projects in Poland and have participated in many projects abroad. Long experience, knowledge, and qualifications enable us to support our clients’ investment projects at every stage of their implementation.

We offer our clients professional skills and long experience. Moreover, we can help you familiarize yourself with a specific reality of electrical engineering market and adjust to its needs. That is why the professional services we provide translate into significant benefits for our business clients.

Many years of conducting business activity in electric power industry enabled us to gain in-depth knowledge of mechanism governing its functioning. In order to optimize clients’ interest, we constantly analyse the market and its progress. We keep our professional development continuous, in order to provide our clients with services of satisfactory quality.

Our employees and associates speak fluent English. We can also easily deal with technical terminology and industry terms. Due to the fact that we have our own translation department, cooperation with foreign entities is very convenient.

As we employ professionals specializing in various fields, it is possible for us to provide wide range of services, including consulting services at every stage of the investment project. We offer professional support in: participating in public procurement procedures, preparing tenders, and representing our clients in tender procedures. Moreover, we provide legal services for all actions taken by the investor. We monitor legal environment of business activities belonging to our clients, and that enables us to react and adjust their businesses to changes that are taking place.

We do not only provide organizational and legal consulting, but also installation services carried out by our experienced installation teams. Our experience encompasses long practice in designing objects for civil engineering, electrical engineering, and telecommunication industries.

Our professional knowledge lets us find solutions for maximizing investor’s profit, while minimalizing risks resulting from investment projects’ implementation.

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