Who we are

Elbudbis employs highly qualified engineers and specialists in various fields. Our team consists of 65 employees, including 40 blue-collar workers. These are managers who know the realities of the power market, engineers and designers using the latest technological solutions, lawyers, a qualified team of technicians and field workers ready to implement the most demanding projects. Our experience constitutes a guarantee of client’s satisfaction.

Professional and qualified staff, many years of experience and the use of modern technologies are the elements that distinguish us on the market. We focus on the quality of services, punctuality and good work organisation. We are not afraid to go beyond the well-known patterns – customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations is our overriding value.


One university, one faculty, the same field of study. Three generations of energy engineers. In the era of intense and breakthrough changes in the energy sector, it turns out to be extremely important to skilfully combine tradition and innovation, which we successfully manage, through generational continuity, in the implementation of the investments entrusted to us.

How are we doing

In our work we focus on the most advanced engineering solutions. We use both proven and innovative technologies. We are not afraid of challenges and concepts that look to the future, presenting solutions that are rarely thought of.

Before we proceed with the project, we analyse the investor’s expectations, proposing concepts that meet all their requirements. We offer solutions that go beyond the standard, we think out of the box, bearing in mind the needs of the natural environment. Regardless of the chosen solutions, reliability and security are the basis.

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